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Thesera L Needleless Threadlift - the next generation of no-needle thread lift which gained massive popularity globally, is now in South-Africa!

Thesera L lifting system uses a patented and groundbreaking TDN TECHNOLOGY (Transfer Double Nanosphere), leading the way in the future of skincare. A new technology that is clinically proven, completely safe and non-invasive. It is painless and with no downtime - an effective alternative to surgeries.

No-one can age without wrinkles. but with THESERA L, the golden age of “Easy Lifting” is here with the following benefits:
* Targets the entire face, not just certain areas
* Immediate facial lifting effect
* Immediate pore tightening effect
* Increase dermis density and skin elasticity after 4 weeks.
* Whitening and fairer skin
* Adds hydration, radiance and glow to your skin
* No downtime, No Pain, Bruising or Swelling - an overall relaxed treatment

Thesera L

What is Thesera L with TDN Technology?

We explain exactly what Thesera L Needleless Threadlift treatment are and what it can do for you.

Thesera L

Thesera L Treatment Recommendation

Our recommendations regarding Thesera L Needleless Threadlift treatment and you

Thesera L

What to expect during a Thesera L treatment

A step by step guide through the Thesera L Needleless Threadlift treatment protocols.

Thesera L

Thesera L Treatment Aftercare and Pricing

Thesera L treatment after care guide to ensure optimum results

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