LSBHC Prices

Treatment Pricing

A Complimentary Skin Analysis form part of ALL treatments.


 Kickstart facial  Powerful Lift and Firm
 Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles
 Moisturise and Tone
 R595 per session
 Deep Cleanse Clear Skin Control facial  Lift out impurities
 Calming and Regenerating
 Whisk away excess oil, leaving your skin soft and firm.
 R595 per session
 Flash-Lift Anti-Aging Facial  Age-defying Powerful Lift and Firm Sagging skin
 Collagen Proliferation and Cell regeneration
 Reduce fine lines
 Nourish and Tone
 R595 per session
 SOS Hydrating Repair Facial  Barrier Restoration and Repair
 Hydrates and Protect Anti-Oxidants
 Skin Renewal and Moisturise
 Also heals Psoriasis, Rosacea and Eczema
 R570 per session
 Glow and Go Facial  Reduce Hyperpigmentation
 Skin Brightening and Lightening
 Firms and Tones
 R595 per session
 Vitamin A Boost Facial  Retinoids promote healthy epidermal turnover and propper skin function by reducing corneocyte cohesion and enhancing desquamation
 Inhibiting melanogenesis
 Anti-oxidant functions
 Stimulates collagen production
 Reduce keratinization within hair follicles
 Stimulates the mitochondria
 Stimulates fibroblast and collagen syntheses with lifting effect
 R655 per session
 Extractions    R250 per session

Advanced Skin Resurfacing (Peeling)
Chemical Peeling involves the use of chemical agents that wounds the skin. The healing of a wound is a complex process. New tissue is constructed in the process and damaged tissue is replaced.
The Dermafix peels can be a stand-alone mild AHA, BHA and Citric Acid peel to a Progressive Peel that is a safe 3 to 4 stages customized medium depth chemical peel containing a combination of natural moisturisers, keratolytic and alpha-hydroxy acids to stimulate new cell regeneration, increase collagen formation and stimulate blood flow, thus improving the complexion of the skin.
The correct Pre- and Post care is vital for successful outcomes.

 DermaBright Mini Peel 1-3 Layers  A Powerful 3 in One Action
 Improves inflammatory Non- Cystic Acne
 Rejuvenate Photo-Aged Skin
 Suppresses Hyperpigmentation
 Improves Irregular Epidermal Pigmentation
 Beta Gel Peel  Known for its beneficial Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Oxidant effects
 Oily Skin - Deep Cleansing of Follicles
 Acne and kills Acne Bacteria
 Anti-Aging - Dry and Aging Skin
 Improves Hyperpigmentation with Photo-Aged skin
 Improves Melasma
 DermaPeel 1-6 layers  Reduces Severe Photo-Aged Skin
 Breaks up Solar Keratinised Cells
 Dermafix Progressive 3-4 Pro Peel  Breaks up keratinised Cells
 Lentigines (Age spots)
 Reduce Fine Lines and Softens Wrinkles
 Exfoliate the Epidermis
 Stimulate new Cell Regenerations
 Increase Collagen Formation
 Stimulate blood flow thus improving the complexion of the skin

Meso Fractional Therapy (Microneedling)
Includes applicable MesoTherapy and applicable FREE Kickstart Therapy

 Skin Booster for All Concerns  Ultimate kickstart to skin rejuvenation
 63 Active ingredients to restore skin cells
 Repairs DNA
 Stimulate Stemcell production
 Improve the texture of your skin
 Promote Collagen and Elastin
 Rich in Amino Acids, Coenzymes, Growth Factors, Minerals, Vitamins, Peptides
 R1250 per session
 Anti-Aging  Promote Collagen & Elastin
 Moisturise and Plumps Skin
 Tighten and Firm
 Improve Skin Texture
 R1250 per session
 Photo-Damaged Skin  Encourage Dermal proliferation of Collagen & Elastin
 Reduces Fine L and Wrinkles
 Corrects Photo-Damage
 Brighten Skin
 Improve Skin Texture
 Hydrate and Plump Skin
 R1250 per session
 Hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Chloasma, PIH  Reduces Pigment
 Inhibits growth of Tyrosine
 Promote Collagen and Elastin
 Firms and Tighten
 Skin Brightening and Lightening
 R1250 per session
 Acne Scarring  DNA Repair
 Stimulates Stemcell Production
 Tightens and Improve skin elasticity
 Promotes Collagen
 Protects and Renew
 R1250 per session
 Hypertrophic Scarring and Stretchmarks  Stimulates StemCell production
 DNA Repair
 Optimizes Skin Function
 Promote Collagen and Elastin
 Improve Skin Texture and Discolouration
 R880 per 30min.

Med Jet Needleless Meso Injections
 Full "Face lift" Under 40's  R1350 per session
   R5500 for 5 Sessions
 Full "Face lift" Over 40's  R1350 per session
   R5500 for 5 Sessions
 HA+ Filler for Deep Expression Lines, Frown lines, Crow’s Feet & Forehead  R490/50 Units per Session
   R2600 for 6 Sessions (2 Weekly)
 Natural F-BTX- Frown lines, Crow’s Feet & Forehead  R490/50 Units per Session
   R2500 for 6 Sessions (2 weekly)
 Lip Contour & Fill  R695 per Session
 Hair Growth (Alopecia)  R1150 per session (As per Protocol)
 Muscle-Fit Arms  R1600 per 40 injections
 Muscle-Fit Stomach  R1600 per 40 injections
 Muscle-Fit Buttocks  R1600 per 40 injections
 Muscle-Fit Top Legs  R1600 per 40 injections
 Muscle-Fit Calves  R1600 per 40 injections
 Cellulite & Lipolysis Treatment  R390 for 50 units

FibroBlast Treatments

 Full Face: Forehead, frown lines, eyelids & crows feet, Browlift, Cheeks, Jawlines, Ear folds, Lip wrinkles, Chin  R8000
 Full face spray resurfacing  R6000
 Forehead including forehead lines  R2500
 Frown lines and nose lines  R1300
 Upper and under eyes  R3500
 Upper/ lower eyelids and crows feet combo  R4000
 Upper Eyelids  R2100
 Lower Eyelids  R2100
 Upper and Lower Eyelids  R3800
 Crows feet  R2100
 Complete Eye Treatment - Upper eyelids, Under Eyelid & Crows Feet  R5200
 Cheeks and Jawlines including ear folds  R3600
 Lip flip inclusive of Lip filler  R2200
 Full mouth Area Spray (smokers lines, mouth corners, fine lines and wrinkles)  R2900
 Brow Lift  R1900
 Double chin (turtle neck)  R1800
 Hands  R2100
 Inner Thighs loose skin and stretch marks  R3600
 Nasolabial folds  R1500
 Jawlines tightening  R2900
 Jawlines and Turtle neck  R3200
 Lip lift  R1300
 Smokers lines  R1400
 Chin, Neck and Neck rings tightening  R3200
 Décolleté  R3200
 Inner and Upper Arms - Loose Skin and Stretch Marks  R3000
 Loose skin tightening Elbows  R1800
 Outer Thighs - Loose skin and stretch marks  R3200
 Loose skin tightening - Knees  R2500
 Stomach loose skin and stretch marks  R3500
 Bum Lift  R4500
 Acne Scars  R495 per 30min session
 Atrophic Scars  R495 per scar
 Benign lesions, Age Spots, Skin Tags  R495 per 30 min session

Intravenous (IV) Treatments
 Anti-Aging and Neuro Enhancement  Recommended Twice per week 2-3 hours each for 4 weeks  R900 per session
   Recommended Twice per week 2-3 hours each for 6 weeks  R850 per session
 Anti-Aging and Photo-Damaged Skin  Recommended once a week for 4-6 weeks  R1175 per session
 Hyperpigmentation & Brightening  Recommended once per week for 4-6 weeks  R650 per session
 Acne & Inflammation  Recommended once per week for 4-6 weeks  R820 per session
 Hair Health & Grow  Recommended as per Health Care Provider  R1200 per session

Conditioning Alkaline Wash

 Full Face  R790 per session
 Lower Face  R595 per session
 Under Arms  R595 per session
 Bottom Legs  R1350 per session
 Legs Top and Bottom  R1975 per session
 Half back Back  R850 per session
 Chest and Shoulder  R850 per session
 Chest and Stomach  R1400 per session
 Callouses - Elbows or Feet or Hands  R550 per session

Nano Needling
R495 per session

Electro-Ozone Massage
R90 per session

Removal of Facial Veins
Facial Spider Thread Veins, Age spots, Warts, Moles, Skin Tags, Cherie Agionomas
R495 per 15 min