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Removal of Facial veins and Benign Lesions

A consultation forms the most important part of your treatment.
After collecting your medical history and current medical treatments, we can analyse what treatments are the best for you.

A skin analysis will be done to determine your treatment plan. This will be discussed with you as well as the expected outcomes, Pre and Post Care, as well as costs.
An aftercare pack will be given to you to keep the treated area clean together with Pre and Post care instructions.
A second treatment may be necessary and it will be evaluated on the two-week free follow up consultation. Should further treatments be necessary, it will be discussed with you.

To ensure maximum results, it is important that you understand and take the responsibility for the Pre- and Post Care of each procedure.

For Facial thread veins we will be using a thermal treatment to remove the bigger facial spider veins. This treatment is virtually pain-free. The needle is thinner than a hair and does not enter the skin. A numbing cream can be applied to keep this procedure pain free.
This treatment is precise and can take longer than an hour, depending on the size of the area and should not require more than 2 treatments, depending on the severity of your facial veins.
On the second FREE consultation, we will determine whether further treatments are necessary which can include Fractional Mesotherapy or Needless Med-jet Injections with a specific formula to remove the smaller veins as well as treating the underlying redness of your skin. A numbing cream will be applied for the fractional treatment.

For Benign lesion removal we will be using a thermal plasma treatment to remove lesions such as moles, warts, cherry angiomas, skin tags etc. A numbing cream will be applied to keep this a pain free procedure. These lesions will fall off after 5 - 7 days. A free follow up consultation is necessary to determine proper healing and if a second treatment will be necessary.

Facial Thread Vein removal

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