Improve Muscle Mass and Definition with Muscle-Fit

What is Muscle-Fit?

A novel concept in the world of Mesotherapy opening new perspectives for people who want to improve their muscle mass and definition with safe and natural products.

Muscle-Fit combines different active ingredients such as IGF1, to improve the muscle definition by the elimination of fluids and fat. It re-defines areas sensitive to sagging due to aging or insufficient physical activity, such as the abdomen, arms, and thighs, by mimicking the effect of endurance exercise.

It enhances the metabolism of type 1 muscle fibers and mitochondrial activity. The insulin like growth factor stimulates fat burning and lipolysis.

How do we administer this remarkable product?

By using a needless Medical Jet Injector to inject the product into the skin. It is a quick procedure where safe and controlled jet injections are delivered. As treatment progresses, more results will be noticed.

*This is ONLY recommended for people who are Actively exercising at least 3 x per week - such as walking, running, workout, sport, etc

Recommended Frequency of treatment:
Initial Course is 5 - 10 treatments with one to two weeks apart.
For maintenance 6 weekly.
Approximately 40 Injections per area.

Arms, Stomach, Buttocks, Top legs, Calves, R1600/40 injections
Full packages of the above for 6 sessions can be discussed during the consultation.