Cellulite treatment

Cellulite & Lipolysis Treatment

Our Cellulite Treatment completely eradicates unwanted Cellulite and offers so much more!

Cellulite With a highly sophisticated needleless Medical Jet Injector, we transfer our remarkable formulated Meso Serum directly into the concerned areas. The MAGISTRAL Serum is formulated to have multiple functions to achieve excellent results. This procedure is virtually pain-free and quick with our injector, delivering up to 40 injections in a few minutes.

Our Serum formulation has multiple effects:
● Metabolism stimulation,
● Lipolitic (Breaking down fat)
● Helps to stimulate microcirculation and the lymphatic drainage system, ● Offers Anti-inflammatory properties.
● It globally helps to restructure and reinforce the connective tissue, collagen, and elastin fibers.
● It further has a strong skin tightening and moisturizing effect.


You do not need to look any further for amazing results!

CelluliteRecommendations: Initial course of 5 - 10 Treatments one to two weeks apart. One treatment every 6 -8 weeks as maintenance.

The following areas can be treated:
Double Chin, Arms, Thighs, Abdomen, Buttocks, Muffin Tops

R290 for 50 Units

Tip: To get maximum results in ANY Body treatment, it is of utmost importance to drink a lot of water, to be active and committed to your treatment.