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Advanced Solutions

Acne Solutions

Reduces the symptoms of Acne

Sales price: R 685,00
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DermaFix CBD Oil 50ml

DermaFix's CBD Oil is made from organically grown Swiss ...

Sales price: R 550,00
Price / kg:

DNA Protection

Protects the end of the Chromosome from Deterioration

Sales price: R 730,00
Price / kg:

Ferulic +C+E

DermaFix Ferulic +C+E is an advanced anti-oxidant

Sales price: R 690,00
Price / kg:

Intensive Scar Repair

Intensive Scar Repair is a rich emollient combining ...

Sales price: R 835,00
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Mandelic Cleanser

Multifunctional Skin Cleanser

Sales price: R 385,00
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Mandelic Toner

3-in-1 multi-purpose clarifying toner

Sales price: R 305,00
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SkinLite is part of the DermaFix MD Prescriptives range and ...

Sales price: R 810,00
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SPF50 Sunscreen

High UVA/UVB protection

Sales price: R 400,00
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Vitamin A Propionate

Vitamin A Propionate supplies your skin with a healthy dose ...

Sales price: R 865,00
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