We take the utmost pride in our Meso formulas. Our Treatments are the Ultimate and latest technology in Skin Care… the secret Alternative to Plastic Surgery.

Each formula is carefully and scientifically formulated by dermatologists and scientists to reconstruct and repair almost all skin cell concerns. These new innovative Natural Fusion Formulas are the ultimate treatment solutions with more than 63 active ingredients to:
  • stimulate stem cell rejuvenation
  • provide growth factors
  • repair the cell DNA of a cell and
  • give back all the building blocks of the cells!
  • Our Meso formulations are working intensely and very specified for cell- to- cell communication, to repair cells and follicles to their normal functions; to rejuvenate, lift sagging skin, moisturises and fill, Repair skin structure, provoke Collagen and normal elastin fibers, repair hair follicles in alopecia as well as reducing hyperpigmentation.

    Some ingredients to expect are: Amino Acids, Minerals, Vitamins, Coenzymes, Nucleic Acids, Taurine, Glutathione, Growth Factors, Peptides, (HMW) Hyaluronic Acid, DMEA, Organic Silicon, Retinol, etc. Ingredients that are vital for the restoration in the above skin and hair concerns.

    This is the Ultimate Skin solution to restore and to repair damaged cells- with long-lasting results. - No toxins or chemicals!

    We offer combined treatments to give maximum and long-lasting results.

    Our needle-free technology is the latest innovative method to skin solutions combined with Exclusive Meso Fusions, as well as Fractional Mesotherapy.

    The needle free Injection technology is a jet spray, smaller than a mosquito proboscis, that is precise and delivers the fusion cocktails in a mist spray between the damaged cells to repair, restore, lift and tightens the skin. This technology is virtually painless.

    Fractional Mesotherapy

    Our Fractional Mesotherapy consists of fine needles to cause deliberate tiny injuries in order to promote the production of Collagen and Elastin; it allows an even treatment through these passages for our exclusive cocktail fusions and products to deeply penetrate into the skin. This treatment is pain-free due to the thin topical numbing cream applied to the skin.

    Treatment Packages

    Our Treatment Packages consist of a series of Treatments and Protocols for each Skin and Hair concern. These must be adhered to for maximum results. Everyone is unique and so is your skin. Depending on how your skin reacts and heals will determine the amount of treatments necessary for your skin concern. To get optimal results, 6-12 treatments may be done in combination, depending on the condition of your skin and other factors.

    Not all treatments are suitable for everyone and therefore medical history, current and past medications taken as well as a skinanaysis are done to evaluate and determine your skin treatment. Skin planning is unique and it is done according to every individual. Where certain procedures can not be done for you, we have a variety of other alternative treatments to offer you for maximum results.

    We are very proud of the excellent and long-lasting results we achieve with our step-by-step intense signature treatments!

    Hair Restoration

    Our Hair Restoration is Unique - The Ultimate Alternative to Hair Implants! F-Hair and Men- Hair Injectable Fusions are repairing the Hair follicles to allow new hair growth. This is for men and women losing hair and going Bald.

    Celebrities do not need to rush to France anymore... It is now available in SA!


    We offer a 15% discount on the full package payment upfront. Package include Consultation with Skin Prep that may include several treatments, as well as EIGHT Specifically planned treatments.
    We can also arrange finance to assist you, should you qualify.