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Your skin is our passion!

We specialise in the treatment of Anti-Aging, Correction of Pigmentation, Treatment of Acne, Reducing acne scaring and Stretchmarks, Removal of unsightly Facial Veins and Lesions such as warts, moles, skintags and tattoos. We also offer new revolutionary treatments for Alopecia (Hair loss) with excellent results in hair re-growth.

At the Lifestyle Skin Body and Hair Clinic, we understand how imperfections can affect self-esteem. Be your own kind of beautiful!

EquipmentWith our state of the art equipment, machines, and products, as well as a deep understanding of skin and cell functions, it is our primary goal to reach optimal results in repairing your skin and hair concerns.

Sr Ceryllene Sinclair has more than 30 years of experience in general patient care and healing but changed her focus and passion to the healing of Skin and Hair Re-Growth. She had several levels of training (and still going) in different approaches to be able to identify and treat different skin cell problems. She achieves excellent results with her specific signature treatment plans for each client and believes strongly in holistic treatments, procedures, and products that have long-lasting results, rather than quick fixes with sometimes irreversible problems later in life.

You are unique...
SpecialEach person’s skin is unique and can not be treated the same. We have all been through different lifestyles, have different genes, hormonal effects, and environmental exposures etc. Our treatments are carefully planned for every person’s unique skin concern and it allows the skin cells to naturally repair itself. Whilst optimal results may only be achieved later in the treatment process, immediately visible results can be seen on or soon after the first treatment. With this said, excellent results can not be done without the full commitment of each patient/client. Pre and Post Care and your commitment to the protocols and plans are of utmost importance to achieve these results. - It IS Teamwork and it works!

Procedures and Protocols

ProceduresNot all treatments are suitable for everyone and therefore medical history, current and past medications as well as a skin analysis are all part of the evaluation to determine your skin treatment. Skin planning is unique and it is done according to every individual's own unique circumstances. Where certain procedures might not be suitable for you, a variety of other alternative treatments are available for optimum results for you. We recommend certain procedures and protocols during your treatment period and it is vital that you follow our aftercare protocols to ensure optimum results.

Our Products...
ProductsOur Treatments are the Ultimate technology in Skin Care… the secret Alternative to Plastic Surgery.

Our Exclusive Fusion Cocktails and Skin Care products are known for their excellent results for all skin and hair concerns. Our products are carefully designed and contain active ingredients such as Growth Factors, Peptides, Minerals, Amino Acids, Enzymes, and potent anti-oxidants to name just a few, which allow Skin Cells to Repair and Restore its natural functions.

Our BTX fusion is a natural replacement for “Botoks” with similar effects and our fillers contain active ingredients to fill and naturally assist with deeper wrinkles. We offer combined treatments for optimum and long-lasting results.

Needle-free Med-Jet Injections
MedJetOur needle free technology is the latest in ultimate skin and hair solutions and is combined with Exclusive Meso Coctktail Fusions as well as Fractional Mesotherapy to get optimal results.

With our Needle - free injection system we target specific areas to restore and repair skin cells, to lift and fill.

Fractional Mesotherapy
MesotherapyOur device allows for a combination of Micro-needling (Collagen Induction Therapy) as well as Mesotherapy at the same time.

Active ingredients are now easily infused into the channels provided by this system to allow an even skin texture, build collagen and elastin fibres and to target specific skin cells and hair follicles.

Advanced Facials and Peels
FacialsOur advanced facials and peels are scientifically formulated and targets specific skin conditions from Hyperpigmentation, Anti-Aging, Acne, Scarring, Stretchmarks and Hypertrophic scars, embracing new technology as it becomes available. The active ingredients provide your skin with the nourishment and resources it needs to maintain optimal skin health.

Our in-clinic treatments with clinically tested ingredients provide measurable, scientific results for correction, prevention and protection of your skin.

These form part of your skin treatment protocol for maximum long term results.

  • to deep clean follicles,
  • to encourage cellular renewal and turnover
  • improve skin texture and remove dead cells build-up,
  • Lift off damaged skin
  • Powerful lifting and firming
  • Reduction in Hyperpigmentation
  • Nurture, Deep Rehydration and Toning

Your treatment can consist of a variety of treatments and protocols, carefully planned to target certain areas of concern for optimum results. This will be discussed with you during the free evaluation.

We offer DNA Testing for Hair loss (Alopecia) and Premature Aging
DNAThis consists of an in-depth Genetic test whereby you will be required to complete a questionnaire, and a sample of your saliva will be taken and sent off to the Genetic lab for testing.
These test results can take 4-5 weeks.
The results and recommendations of treatments and lifestyle changes will be supplied to you to assist with additional intensive treatments and care.

Our supporting Doctor will prescribe the medication and or medical treatments that are recommended by the Genetic lab.

Hair restoration...
HairOur Hair Restoration treatments are Unique - The Ultimate Alternative to Hair Implants!

Our F-Hair and Men- Hair Injectable Fusion Cocktails are scientifically prepared and formulated to repair hair follicles from the inside out to allow new hair growth, naturally.

During your treatment period, it is important that you apply strict home care protocols for optimal results.
This can include: Hair Growth Shampoo, Conditioner, Serum, Oil and Capsules to use at home.

For further intense treatments and recommendations, you have the option to have a Genetic DNA Tricho Test done - this can be discussed with your free evaluation.

Vitamin Intravenous Therapy

IV'sOur Vitamin IV Infusions are compounded and offers vitamin-rich, medically-approved ingredients designed to boost and rejuvenate you!

Our Intravenous therapies are geared towards your particular Skin Care protocols and your unique Immune System. The following Intravenous therapies are offered:

  • To replace much-needed nutrients and rehydrate,
  • Immune system booster
  • Anti-Aging,
  • Hyperpigmentation and Skin Brightening,
  • Acne and Inflammation
  • Hair Growth
  • and assist you in Overall Health, Skin and Hair Care Solutions.
This will be discussed with you during your free skin evaluation

Book your FREE skin evaluation today...

BookYour free skin evaluation consists of:
  • A skin analysis,
  • taking and discussing your medical history, current treatments and medication.
  • Provide skincare planning recommendations for your skin concerns.

Medical Concerns, Prescriptions or Medical Orientated Treatments

MedicalWhere applicable an appointment will be made for you with our supporting Doctor which is a Medical Practitioner when treatments or prescriptions are required or needed.
A Doctor’s consultation fee will be applicable.
We will discuss this during your free evaluation.

Financing available


Whilst we try our best to keep treatments as affordable as possible, financing is available if you qualify.
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We use state of the art equipment and machines to ensure optimum results.


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Please Note:

The information contained on this website is not meant to diagnose any condition or provide conclusive treatment options for a given condition.

The final decision on treatments can only be made after a full history is obtained in person, and a physical examination is done.

Our premises and staff fully complies with safety measurements as set out by the World Health Organisation and the South African Government to protect you and ourselves against Covid19.
Lifestyle Skin Body and Hair Clinic will do everything in our power to keep you and your family safe as possible while you are in our care.
We further advise that you stay home for 1 day after certain procedures for extra protection.